The graduate program in animal biology (GPAB) has began its activities in the first semester of 2011. Its first class named 2011 Class, joined and iniciated its activities in August of the same year. Based on the demand of professionals graduated in Biological Sciences courses and related areas, but without qualified training in the different areas related to animal biology, there was a great potential to implement the PPGBA in order to offer the academic master’s degree and thus to fill this gap in the region of Mato Grosso do Sul (MS) and bordering states, to work in the academic and research field. In addition, a group of units working in different areas of Biological Sciences of UFMS involving animal organisms, but which until then presented little integration among themselves and / or with little expression and insertion in the graduate course (due to a lack of framework in their research lines), were anxious to leverage the development of integrated studies that encompass areas related to zoology, in addition to increasing their inclusion and participation in the formation of human resources in this area.