Program of Study

Course   Clock hours    Module
Multidimensional Analysis in Field Studies 45 Elective
Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles 45 Elective
Biology of invertebrates 45 Compulsory
Biology of Neotropical Freshwater Fish 45 Elective
Vertebrate Biology 45 Compulsory
Animal Cytogenetics 45 Elective
Animal behavior 45 Elective
Elaboration of Dissertation 0 Compulsory
Entomology 45 Elective
Spermatogenesis of Mammals 45 Elective
Teaching Internship I 0 Compulsory
Statistics Applied to Biology 45 Elective
Histophysiology of the Female Reproductive System 45 Elective
Histophysiology of Animal Tissues 45 Elective
Insect-Plant Interaction 45 Elective
Mastozoology 45 Elective
Animal Parasitology 45 Elective
Animal Cell Pathology 45 Compulsory
Scientific Writing 30 Compulsory
Seminars in Animal Biology 15 Compulsory
Systematics of Amphibians and Reptiles 45 Elective
Systematics and Biology of Chiropter 45 Elective
Systematics and Evolution of Birds 45 Elective
Phylogenetic Systematics 45 Elective
Zoological Taxonomy 30 Elective
Topics in Tissue Morphophysiology 45 Compulsory
Special Topics in Animal Biology 30 Elective
Zoogeography 45 Elective